Some Possible Reasons People May Have Trouble in Writing Classes

If you’ve read my Welcome page (please do), you know that this blog is about how, and whether, people can “be taught” to write better. It’s about what I think I DON’T know about teaching writing after twenty-two years. I’m not fishing for “tips” on how to teach better. I’ve got lots of those in years’ worth of files. Instead, I want to know more about the experiences of people who’ve found learning to write a challenge.

Of course, I know that there may be many reasons why I feel as if there’s something missing in my pedagogy. Continue reading


Welcome to a Blog about How–and Whether–People Can Be Taught to Write!

Before making my first post to this blog, I spent some time surfing through the many, many blogs about writing, teaching writing, and learning to write. I can say with a fair degree of confidence that this blog is unusual, if not unique.

It’s not at all an inspirational blog—how to free yourself to write well, how to find ideas, how to motivate your inner muse. Many of the blogs I’ve visited do that much better than I ever could. Nor, for teachers, is it inspirational or instructive—it doesn’t strive to strengthen teachers’ knowledge of how to teach or their faith in education as a vocation and a mission. Again, I’ve seen many wonderful examples of blogs that perform this vital task.

So what is it, then? Continue reading

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